How to Boost Your Creativity and Product Thinking Part 3

3) Creative Games

When I was a kid, and we walked past an empty store, my mother would always ask me what kind of store I would put there and why.  This is fun to think about when you pass stores, but also when you visit new neighborhoods.  What is missing?  What are the people here like?  What would they need most?  What’s already here?  They won’t need that again, or do they need a better one?

Creative criticism is healthy too.  I love the theater and I love software, but that does not stop me from spending tons of time thinking how I could do it better or differently.  Use the same creative criticism to evaluate your favorite companies, stores, restaurants and phone apps.

Advertising review.  Magazines and movie trailers – how would you do it differently, did they get their point across, or not? This one is pretty easy since we are pummeled with ad content all day.

More? What do you do to stay creative?