How to Boost Your Creativity and Product Thinking Part 2

2) Jokes and Silly Thinking

  1. Having fun and joking around are one of the main reasons I love the arts and software. I love thinking of completely ridiculous awesome products.  Examples include:
    1. Edible Doughnut Neck Pillow
    2. Avon Lady for Art and Craft Supplies
    3. Handbag Sachets
    4. Augmented Reality Helmut For trying on clothes

Another fun game is one I heard a Proctor and Gamble Product Manager talk about.  A product ideation chart.  Take two things people like and chart ideas.  Looks like this:

Parents like Nutrition

Kids like Candy



Gum Sour Patch M and M Lollipops Candy Bars Nerds Skittles Spree
Whole Grain Cereal Wheaties Chocolate Bar
Vitamins Gummie Vitamins (exists) Sour Patch Vitamins M and M Vitamins Vitamin Lollipop Vitamin Skittles Vitamin Spree
Calcium Calcium M and Ms Calcium Nerds
Fruit (exists) (exists) (exists) (exists) (exists) (exists) (exists) (exists)
Vegetables Gummie Veggies Veggie Lollipop Veggie Spree

Get sillier!  This is a good cocktail party trick!

  • People like Smartphones
  • People like Eating Outside
Smart Phones

Eat Outside

Maps Reservations Social Media Portable Fits in handbag Always with You Never Bored
Fresh Air Weather/Outdoor seating Mashup Crowd selected location for Pop-up Cafe Pop-Up Outdoor Cafe
Cute Tables w/Umbrellas! Table scoring – nicest table is more valuable Portable Picnic with Umbrella Singing Wait staff
See Sidewalk Traffic Indoor screens show sidewalk traffic in real time Peer-to-peer alerts system for available outdoor tables
Only Available in Nice Weather Winter Outdoor Dining